IQMS User Group 2012 Insiders InsightI recently attendedIQMS'User Group 2012conference at theMGM Grand Hotel.在Las Vegas,Nev。已经参加了几个以前的用户组,我可以诚实地说这是我参加过的最令人满意的用户组。I don’t know if it was any one thing that made it so great – the venue was new, the agenda was modified, the IQMS attendees list was modified, the meeting materials were greatly enhanced and half of the customer attendees were new to User Group. But whether one or many things made it great, I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend and present.

Several IQMS employees were responsible during the three-day event to either present in break-out sessions or back up another presenter. My sessions focused on客户关系管理(CRM), report writing, security and Web-based programs such as WebDirect and our vendor and employee portals.

MyCRMsession covered what’s changed in the software since our last User Group event and was also a software enhancement discussion session. I like creating the presentations for the sessions because as the QA Manager, I’ve known about some of the new and exciting changes for quite some time, and now I get to share those changes with our customers.

在IQMS,我们只利用我们的所有模块制造ERP软件188betkr,企业Q,最重大使用的是CRM。因此,虽然客户要求提供的许多更改,但内部用户也要求许多更有要求,例如IQMSTechnical Supportand Sales and Marketing.

我的安全会议是最好的做法,以及关于改变的事情。我必须在这个小组中掌握在我的脚趾上,因为大多数与会者都是复杂的用户,通常是DBA,以及非常了解企业版安全的许多方面以及Windows安全性。I enjoyed this session for many reasons: Experienced users means we can skip the basics and quickly delve into complicated issues, many of the users have been around for a while and I’ve had the chance to get to know them over the years and because of their experience, the users help each other out right in the sessions.


My Web-based programs session was a lot of fun because I was able to share a lot of what’s changed in our员工和供应商门户网站(I use the employee portal quite a bit). I also announced we are currently developing a WebAPI for the Business to Commerce (BtoC) trade and customers were very excited to hear about that.



另一个cool pocket guide智能手机应用程序是免费的,我们在用户组事件下下载和使用的与会者。用户组有很多值得注意的是,特别是作为IQMS的员工,我喜欢使用该应用程序作为引用,而不仅仅是我需要的地方,而是IQMS与会者的其余部分在会议区域。


Did you attend IQMS User Group 2012? If so, what was your favorite part?

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