Adding a New Manufacturing Plant to Your ERP System? No Problem.

添加工厂When you think of anERP implementation是一般来说,通常所致的第一件事之一是将整个业务从一个系统转换为新的东西。总业务系统转换的子集是添加最近获得的业务或新设施。作为我们强大客户群及其日益增长的企业的证明,我们有许多迟到的要求为现有的新实体添加了新的实体EnterpriseIQ安装。这些请求包括许多不同的场景:

  • The customer just bought a company that services a different market and may have different manufacturing processes than their current operation. They would like to bring the new business up on EnterpriseIQ.
  • The customer just bought a facility in another country and wants to bring them online with EnterpriseIQ.
  • The customer is opening a new plant/warehouse and needs to get them up and running as soon as possible.
  • The customer has a sister division that they would like to convert over to EnterpriseIQ.

Every one of the above scenarios has a unique approach on how to get the new entity or entities live on EnterpriseIQ, but all require three key elements: adaptable foundation technology, capable support and services from the ERP vendor and a solid internal team at the customer.

Fortunately,IQMS.has incorporated foundation technologies that enable our customers to expand their businesses. For example:

  • OurEPlant功能允许单独的税号业务在现有的EnterpriseIQ安装的同一实例上运行。EPLANTANTS还用于需要隔离库存,设备,人员和financials.
  • Multi-Currency and Multi-Language tools allow our customers to run the software in different countries.
  • 多种制造类型提供了在同一内操作各种制造过程所需的灵活性ERP systemand still be able to see the detail needed to run the shop floor. Manufacturing types can even be mixed and matched within a facility. This allows for the accurate modeling of your manufacturing operations.

In addition to the foundation technology IQMS provides, our专业的服务team can assist your personnel in bringing the new entity online. We have support staff located in North America, Europe and Asia that are multilingual and understand the localization requirements for many countries.

In a recent example, a customer was able to bring online a newly acquired Mexico facility in two months. This was a total conversion for the new site and a third plant for the existing customer. All of the new personnel needed to be trained on EnterpriseIQ functionality and trained on the corporate policies and procedures already established. It took a total team effort from not only the customer’s corporate personnel and key personnel from the new facility, but also from several IQMS departments (训练,支持, professional services, development andEDI)。客户在新设施中拥有知识渊博的内部公司团队和专门的团队。通过对齐的所有三个关键元素,这种实施充满了时间,并被视为成功。


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