IQMS.用户组2014.– The Day 1 Experience

IQMS用户组2014  - 第1天Helllloooooo,拉斯维加斯!我一直在等待几周的到来用户组2014.最后,经过两年的制作,它在这里!让我告诉你,第1天没有令人失望 - 这是一个网络,学习和乐趣的旋风。如果您无法参加2014年用户组,请让我快速偷看您今天错过的东西:


At promptly 8:30, everyone gathered for the large welcome session. IQMS customers have invested their money, trust and business operations in ourERP solution, so User Group always features the State of IQMS to educate our customers about the future of the ERP company they have chosen to partner with. Highlights included our rapid expansion over the past two years, our recent significant growth investment fromTechnology Crossover Venturesand what the future has in store for the company.

用户组attendees were then treated to the much anticipated new development session with IQMS President, Randy Flamm. IQMS has a lot of exciting products in the pipeline and Randy never disappoints. From details of our new AdvancedWarehouse Management System(WMS) program to review of our online shopping portal, HTML5 apps and WebAPI software development kit, our IQMS developers have been busy!

Lunch time featured our first networking event, with special tables reserved for different manufacturing industries. It is impressive to see how much our medical and aerospace/defense industry networking tables have grown over the years, as well as the addition of some new tables such as food and beverage.


I am going to be honest, my favorite part of the day was toward the end. I am the coordinator of ourIQMS.Manufacturing Success Award program, which culminates with the presentation of the Highest Achiever honor at User Group. Our customers nominated some stellar projects this year and we knew that we couldn’t keep these initiatives to ourselves. So for the first time, we had a special roundtable session at the end of Day 1 with the top five finalists who shared their stories, challenges and successes with the whole conference to help educate and inspire.

Finally, the day was capped off with a special User Group Welcome Reception. Here, IQMS customers were treated to drinks and appetizers as they networked and mingled with IQMS staff and fellow manufacturers. We also took a brief moment to recognize and celebrate the Highest Achievers of the IQMS Manufacturing Success Awards. Congratulations to AMA Plastics, winner of the company initiative category, and Amy Albrightson of iMARK Molding, winner of the EnterpriseIQ champion category!

Whew, Tuesday was quite the day! I feel like I have just touched the surface of all that I can experience at this conference. With two more full days to go, our attendees can look forward to more breakout sessions (including the popular Top 10 manufacturing and accounting sessions), meeting with IQMS PSG and Sales team employees for individual help sessions, visiting with IQMS-approved vendors and a new Q&A panel at the end of Day 3 with key IQMS personnel.


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