单一数据库 - 用于制造的单源ERP

Learn how IQMS built a single version of the truth with a single source ERP solution for manufacturing单一数据库 - 用于制造的单源ERP

A Little History of Lessons Learned

从我的职业生涯开始,我认为需要一个全面的系统来控制整个过程从开始完成。对我来说很清楚一个数据库是去的方式。One version of the truthwas very illusive when it came to manufacturing information – how to make a product or even how many to make and when. There were many places to look for answers and sometimes none of them were correct.

Microcomputers were just coming out and I was really interested in them. My friend Dewayne Clinton and I attended theHome Brew Computer Club在礼堂举行的会议Stanford Linear Accelerator Center。我认为使用微计算机创建这样的系统真的很酷。

我在旧金山湾区的定制制造公司工作时,在8位机器上开始编程1982年的8位机器。我是一名生产工头,我未来的妻子在办公室工作。我们不得不采取订单purchase raw materials那and manuallyscheduleshop resources包括机器和劳动力。当它来到生产绩效和报告时,我们的老板非常苛刻。他坚持有一个详细的production reportincluding profit contribution on a daily basis. Performing these tasks manually was very time consuming and prone to error since everything could change overnight. The制造控制系统I developed was infinitely more capable and user friendly than their current IBM System 36 RPG punch card-input based system in use at the time. This is when I developed many of the same demand-driven concepts in use today in theEnterpriseIQ ERP产品。



然后DOS是首选操作系统。五金是便宜的,局域网正在亮相。Clipper编程语言提供了熟悉的DBASE语法和.dBF文件存储系统。CPU时钟速度和存储能力一直在增加,所以我认为如果我写了一个comprehensive system那这hardware would come.

In 1989 my wife and I quit our jobs, mortgaged the house and startedIQMS(then known as IQ Management Systems). My objective was to develop an all encompassing manufacturing software system (long before the term ERP was coined). I envisioned a software system which provided the tools and automation necessary to enable the smartest manufacturing operations possible.

We found ourselves with over 100 customer installations by 1996. By then, I was no longer programming but took on the architecture and design of the manufacturing modules of our product named IQ/Genesis. We had complete会计存货MRP.Finite SchedulingRealTime Machine MonitoringPreventative Maintenance工资单andTime and Attendancemodules. File based data storage systems are inherently weak when run in a multi-user network environment. “Re-indexing” data files became a way of life when the network wasn’t stable. It was always hard to explain to your customer that the problem was their hardware – not your product. In spite of the weak foundation the product was a hit with our customers – most of which we still have today. Service had a lot to do with our customer retention (as it does today). Coming up with software solutions to customer problems is one of the reasons the product had so much depth. Softwareupdatescame fast and furious and were always at no extra cost.


It was decided that we would “burn the ships” and go forward. We made the decision to abandon the millions of lines of IQ/Genesis code. We threw everything away except the concepts developed and the lessons learned over the prior 7 to 8 years. It was time to pull out the stops and come up with a bullet proof foundation to build the next generation of IQMS ERP products…..

(I’ll continue the story of how IQMS got where it is today in my next blog.)

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