底线:Unpredictable demand swings caused by the pandemic are stress-testingsupply chain managementsoftware systems across manufacturing, helping many manufacturers discover new strengths they hadn’t realize they had before.

制造商最艰难的挑战在今天幸存下,提供了最有价值的课程。需要需求规划,供应链管理软件的紧迫作用,以及实现更大的需求manufacturing efficiencyfor power tools, for example. Stanley Black & Decker saw orders for power tools, wrenches, tape measures, and utility knives plummet 40% a week last April from a year earlier, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article,Consumer Demand Snaps Back. Factories Can’t Keep Up。By May, CEO James Loree said those retailers were selling about 30% more of the company’s products than a year earlier, as homebound consumers tackled renovations and yard work.

Stanley Black&Decker的供应链管理挑战

Stanley Black & Decker didn’t see new orders as retailers were drawing down on their inventories to preserve cash. Without better supply chain management visibility, manufacturing executives had a choice to make: either wait for retailers to place panic-size orders that Stanley might not deliver on time or raise production on the belief retailers would soon start restocking. Making the wrong choice would lead to Stanley being stuck with six months of inventory.

Stanley的首席执行官决定为价值6亿美元的工具,包括电源钻,台锯和工具箱。他的决定组合直觉以及他们对需求规划的数据及其供应链管理软件系统的数据 - 其中包括他们所需要的。电动工具在初夏的商店出售。更好的是,Stanley的工具业务报告称,第四季度的利润增长57%,销售额增长25%。斯坦利在此期间提高价格,进一步增加了利润。2021年第一季度迄今为止电动砂光机的销售额高于去年同期的四倍。

Seeing Supply Chain Challenges As An Opportunity To Grow

Why is it that the more chaotic, challenging, and uncertain managing supply chains become under crisis, the more certain manufacturers adapt and excel? A large part of it is the growth mindset of manufacturers profiled in the Wall Street Journal article. Dr. Carol Dweck’s best-selling book, Mindset, defines the specifics of how to create and strengthen a growth mindset, reflected in the roadmaps to recovery that Malibu Boats Inc., Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC, Peloton, Simplicity Sofas, Stanley Back & Decker, STI Fabrics, and Wanxiang America Corp. achieved.

进一步证明增长思维在制造中可以在最新结果中找到Institute for Supply Chain Management (ISM) January 2021 Manufacturing ISM Report on Business。1月份PMI注册了58.7%,下降1.8%,从12月读数达到60.5%,但仍然标志着连续第八个月的扩张。该报告还提到了今年1月完成的面试的以下主要见解:

  • 2021年1月开始始于汽车,电气等领域的塑料部件的强劲订单。The industry outlook is optimistic. Looking at investing in new equipment for anticipated demand later this year. Reshoring is taking hold, with new customer potential.” (based on an interview with a Plastics & Rubber Products manufacturer).
  • Supplier factory capacity is being well-utilized in electronics manufacturing.Increased demand, labor constraints, and upstream supply delays are pushing lead times. This is more prevalent with international than U.S.-based suppliers.” (based on an interview with a Computer & Electronic Products manufacturer).
  • Labor shortages continue to be a constraint on manufacturing growth.Two ISM survey respondents in January cite labor shortage as an impediment to fulfilling orders. A Primary Metals manufacturer says that “business is improving, but we are still struggling with a shortage of available labor.” A food, beverage, and tobacco product manufacturer said.
  • 生意非常好。客户库存很低,到4月份有一个重要的积压。供应基地正在努力跟上需求,在这里和那里扰乱我们的生产。原料交货时间已经延长。Covid-19继续在整个供应链中造成挑战。巨大的物流挑战,尤其是通过港口和容器获得产品。我们看到物流和原材料的重大成本增加。“(机械制造商)。

Absorbing More Market Shocks With Track And Traceability

大流行加速数字转型manufacturing supply chains比有史以来最令人信服的商业案件更快。补充说,处理召回的风险,成本,罚款和后勤挑战以及跟踪系统的日益普及的普及变得清晰。据最近全国制造商调查协会,制造商每年浪费超过275亿美元的产品召回。如果他们有更有效的可追溯性系统,这些损失可能已经避免了往返于适当的可效率的可追溯性系统,并且在今天所有制造业中都被认为是表栏目或必须拥有的轨道和轨道。

The following are the key reasons why manufacturers’ reliance on manufacturing supply chain traceability enabling, including track-and-trace software, is growing:

  • Troubleshooting how a defective part was first introduced into production can save product lifecycles’ revenue and margins that otherwise may have been lost.跟踪和跟踪为制造商提供了他们需要立即找到缺陷产品的发起点所需的可见性。了解哪些供应商的批号或集装箱尽快提供缺陷部分,尽快节省宝贵的时间和召回的高成本,或者至少是该领域的产品改造。
  • Supply chain track-and-traceability is foundational to manufacturers’ quality management and compliance strategies.对供应商质量问题进行故障排除的问题是维护航空航天和国防,汽车,食品,饮料,塑料,医疗设备制造和制药规范要求的成型。随着大流行和贸易压力迫使制造商在一夜之间重新配置供应链,跟踪和可追溯性提供实时所需的数据,以保持合规性,不断实现higher product quality。Excel遵守美国食品和药物管理局(FDA)21 CFR部分820要求获得在该过程中实现新的精益制造水平的额外福利。跟踪和可追溯性在航空航天和国防制造商中证明是非常宝贵的。要在其行业中成功出售产品,他们需要证明遵守武器规定(ITAR)标准,国防合同审计署(DCAA)的国际交通,以及9100年度版本C标准。
  • A well-managed track-and-trace system helps reduce inventory shrinkage by providing greater visibility and control across supply chains.A state-of-the-art track-and-trace system can differentiate between inbound shipments’ batch, lot, and container level assignments of materials. Most advanced track-and-trace systems rely on advanced sensors to gain greater knowledge of each shipment’s condition. RFID and IoT sensors are now becoming more commonplace across manufacturing. Walmart ran a pilot to see how RFID could streamline a distribution center’s track-and-trace performance and improved efficiency by 16 times over manual methods.
  • Track-and-trace also improves production scheduling accuracy and efficiency by providing greater visibility into assembly, part & component inventory.Providing DELMIAwork’s MES system with real-time updates on suppliers’ assembly, part, and component inventories helps keep production on schedule. Immediate insights into inventory can also help manufacturers get more done in less time. Many manufacturers have the goal of offering short-notice production runs to their best customers. Track-and-trace helps to make that happen.
  • Collaborate and serve customers with real-time track-and-trace data they need to know.DELMIAWORKs’ track-and-trace solutionis specifically designed to share the most valuable data customers need to meet FDA and quality audits. It’s possible for customers to instantly print detailed tracking reports that are often provided in customer and regulatory agency audits. Track-and-trace saves valuable time on the shop floor by automating reporting, so quality or production engineering doesn’t have to do the reports manually.
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